Ticket King Contact Information

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For all your upcoming ticket purchases, check out Ticket King. We have two physical locations in Minnesota as well as a strong nation-wide online presence.


Ticket King – St. Paul

186 7th Street West, Saint Paul, MN 55102



Ticket King – Minneapolis

212 Chicago Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55415



Or visit online at: http://www.ticketkingonline.com/default.aspx

Ticket King Customers More Than Satisfied with Ticket King

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Ticket King customers have listed several review on sites that collect information on local businesses.

Joey G said: “Very good service.  Really nice people I had a great experience.  I used to use Ticketmaster, but my friend, Paul Nerland recommended Ticket King and I haven’t looked back since.  I can pick up my tickets on my way from work and never have to pay for shipping.”

Jwgoldfarbb said: “I had a really good experience with ticket king. I really liked that they let me pick it up from them so that I didn’t have to pay for shipping. I also got free service too. I buy Twins tickets from them all the time. The seats were great and I had a great time. I’d definitely recommend them. It’s honest, good people who are looking out for you.”

Why not experience Ticket King for yourself? We have a strong and happy customer base to which we commit the best service. Check us out! Go to TicketKingOnline.com.

Check Out Ticket King College

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I would like to thank you for your continued visits to TicketKingIntern.wordpress.com. You can remain in-the-know on all sports, entertainment and news by visiting our sister blog TicketKingCollege.blogspot.com.

Visit:  http://www.TicketKingCollege.blogspot.com for the controversial opionion of one of the Ticket King writers, Allison.

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